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A basket ball soars towards the rim of a chained basketball hoops.

Take the Shot

As we got close to the court, I was uneasy, even uncomfortable. I didn’t want to embarrass myself and I knew there was no way I could run with the group that was assembled there. I think Headley could sense my nervousness, because he came over and encouraged me: “Come on now, let’s go get these guys.” I told him, “I don’t even know how to play this game! And I don’t want to be the one that is responsible for defeat.” He chuckled and replied, “well that’s not gonna happen, so let’s go!”

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A man with two shadows reaches for the sky.

Banish the Body Snatchers

To start 2023, I committed to sharing life lessons learned. I let you know the reason for sharing was to honor the people who’ve taught me. As I was thinking about all those amazing people, and the wonderful lessons they shared, I started making a list. Some I’ve written about in previous posts…..the Power of Three, Practice or Quit, and Nothing on the Floor easily came to mind. Today the lesson that stands out for me as I reset and reignite future opportunities, is something my wife taught me in 1997.

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Fans cheer for their favorite rock supergroup.

Breaking: Business Supergroup Hits the Scene!

Who did it take to make the 1992 U.S. Olympic Basketball team a veritable “Dream Team”?

What did it take to pull wildly different players across the country together to create the U.S. “Miracle on Ice” during the 1980 Winter Olympics?

How did Pearl Jam get individual rockstars to form an ultra-fandom supergroup?

With our roots in the Seattle Area, it’s difficult not to look to supergroups that started in our backyard. When we wanted to build a bigger, stronger team, we took inspiration from bands that changed music, sports teams that spurred legends, and scientific collaborations that changed life as we know it.

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We strive for constant growth and change and always endeavor to lap our previous results. By partnering with TA Group, your business will launch to new levels of success and you will be supported in the process.


TA Group invests in companies in the $2-30 million dollar range, operating in the Western U.S., that can benefit from our organizational, financial, technical, and management expertise. Each investment is unique and our approach is individualized across businesses and industries.


TA Group provides the backbone for businesses to grow to the next level of success and profitability. We provide CEO mentoring and a financial team consisting of a CFO and a dedicated Controller along with a full back-office (AP, AR, Payroll). This finely tuned infrastructure allows our business owners the freedom to do what they do best.

Meet the team: Rick Nelson

Rick is a TAG partner, bicoastal resident, and lover of the outdoors. Click below to learn more about Rick!


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Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. - JAMES CASH PENNeY

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