Fans cheer for their favorite rock supergroup.

Who did it take to make the 1992 U.S. Olympic Basketball team a veritable “Dream Team”?

What did it take to pull wildly different players across the country together to create the U.S. “Miracle on Ice” during the 1980 Winter Olympics?

How did Pearl Jam get individual rockstars to form an ultra-fandom supergroup?

With our roots in the Seattle Area, it’s difficult not to look to supergroups that started in our backyard. When we wanted to build a bigger, stronger team, we took inspiration from bands that changed music, sports teams that spurred legends, and scientific collaborations that changed life as we know it.

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MasterClass 4 Selling Your Company

SELLING YOUR COMPANY  |  MAY 20, 11-12 PT Are you thinking about selling your company, but not sure how to proceed? In this MasterClass, special guest Chris Duxler, President of TangoTeams, will join Casey Stenzel, TAG CFO and Peter Buck, President of TAG Ventures, to lay out the steps from a seller point of view.…

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M&A Pitfalls MasterClass #3 with Gayle Sheppard

UNDERSTANDING EARNOUTS  |  APR 22, 11-12 pm Are you considering a merger or acquisition? Learn how to avoid the Pitfalls of M&A from founders and investors who have been there. We’re excited to have Gayle Sheppard as our guest for Apr 22. Gayle shared her M&A experiences as the former CEO of Saffron Technology,…

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M&A Pitfalls MasterClass #1

Are you considering an acquisition or merger? M&A can be a great way to quickly grow your business and create economies of scale, but the path can be rocky for founders and investors. Set your expectations with this MasterClass for founders and investors on Avoiding M&A Pitfalls, hosted by Denali CEO Rebecca Lovell and TAG CFO Casey Stenzel.

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TA Group acquires Denali Financial Consulting

Welcome to the TAG Team, Denali FC! January 28, 2021 Known as “Finance Whisperers” to Start-Ups, Denali Founders Chris Dishman and Jaennae’ Dinius Mark Their Own Major Milestone TA Group Holdings (TAG) is excited to announce the acquisition of Denali Financial Consulting. Denali was founded in 2008 to provide expert financial services to businesses at…

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