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Nothing on the Floor: The Secret to Accelerating Your Career Advancement

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting with an impressive group of 40+ interns working in various areas of our business. They were meeting with me all together as part of their onboarding and integration process, so I won’t pretend they all signed on to hear what I had to say - but I was flattered that they appeared to have done their homework, knew who I was, and came prepared to ask very specific questions about my experience. I’ve done these visits, virtually or in-person, many times. They are never the same and I leave each feeling that I received much more than I gave.

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3 Key Business Lessons the Air Force Taught Me

When I share lessons I’ve learned, I often talk about my years in the business world—from the boss who gave me a shot at UPS, to the company that erupted in (and recovered from) scandal, to my position now as an advisor to a portfolio of companies, including Launch Consulting. But all the building blocks that got me where I am today are stacked on top of the foundation laid by my first job out of high school: the Air Force.

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Practice or Quit: 3 Ways to Get Out of a Slump

Like many of you, I’ve peeked in on the baseball playoffs a time or two over the last couple of weeks. I love competition and admire those who have the discipline and courage to pursue excellence in a field as competitive as professional athletics. I’ll admit that whenever I watch a team celebrate, I think, “If only I would have applied myself, maybe I could have had an evening like that.”

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Keep Driving Forward: Lessons from Sam Schmidt

When Sam Schmidt was rendered quadriplegic in an Indycar crash, it barely slowed him down. Since then, he's started his own Indycar race team (currently 2nd in the championship), founded Conquer Paralysis Now, and worked with Arrow Electronics to once again drive over 200mph...and more importantly, dance with his daughter on her wedding day. I'm proud to introduce you all to my friend Sam today. I'd love if you introduced me to the person who's influenced your perspective on perseverance and progress -- and keeps you DRIVING FORWARD.

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