Meet our Team

The TA Group team is built on communication, trust, and accountability; backed by substantial professional expertise; and driven by an unrelenting commitment to the personal and professional goals of the people in our holding companies.

At our core, we are a dynamic, hard-working, and fun-loving group with experience in owning, operating, leading, and growing businesses in technology, services, consulting, staffing, and consumer products industries. We take immense pride in our ability to first connect personally with companies as unique teams, and then work with them to formulate individualized plans based on their unique goals.

Picture of John Sercu

John Sercu


Picture of Fred Michanie

Fred Michanie


Picture of Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson


Picture of Casey Stenzel

Casey Stenzel


Picture of Elizabeth Touhy

Elizabeth Touhy


Picture of Damion Walkup

Damion Walkup

Director, Technology Strategy

Picture of Kristen Blos Long

Kristen Blos Long

Director of Organizational Development

Picture of Emily Cole

Emily Cole

Business Manager

Picture of Justin Lohn

Justin Lohn

Director of Finance

Picture of Kim Green

Kim Green

Corporate Services Manager

Picture of Peter Buck

Peter Buck

President, TAG Ventures and General Counsel

Picture of Maria Boesche

Maria Boesche


Picture of Sheryl Tullis

Sheryl Tullis

Strategic Communications & Marketing

Picture of Nick Saechow

Nick Saechow

Director, Information Technology