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LearnBIG doesn’t just create courses, we build learning environments. Critical skills can’t be taught by the book — which is why we design courses around a growth mindset and experiential learning. Users learn how to make effective choices by, well, actually making choices.

Our video-based, interactive learning solutions create immersive environments with a distinctly human quality. That’s because we know how critical it is to engage each and every learner, and give them the tools they need to achieve mastery in any given subject. To do that, we drop users into true-to-life scenarios and ask them to make key decisions that drive the situation’s outcome. By harnessing learners’ engagement in these realistic scenarios, our courses create multiple memory cues that improve storage and retrieval of the knowledge your users need.

The interactive assessments throughout each course provide multiple points for learners to engage with material, and receive feedback tailored to their individual choices. And according to research from MIT, those consistent touch points lead to 25% more knowledge retention than courses that simply present information and leave assessment until the end. In other words:

We make learning stick.