ESG, founded as a subsidiary of Direct Technology in 2001, is the creator of the industry-leading software solution known as the Energy Efficiency Collaboration Platform (EECP). We work across the country with leading utilities and statewide trusts, deploying EECP as an enterprise or web-based SaaS solution. As devout believers in the significance of energy efficiency, we believe in treating energy like a fine wine: refining it, analyzing it, comparing it, and sharing it. We navigate the industry collecting, tracking and reporting program metrics for utility companies, as well as sharing our knowledge and providing solutions in long-term consulting relationships.

As a software development company, we provide a solution that is field-tested and configurable, with continued service and support from the original design team and quick response to enhancement requests. Our total focus is on improving energy efficiency and demand-side management. Not only does your company gain from engaging EECP, but you also benefit from our knowledge. We provide the highest level of service throughout the process of design, implementation and training, and with more than ten years of working with utilities under our belts, we’re confident in our expertise. Our goal for you: Simplify Everything.