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Damion Walkup

Damion Walkup

Director, Technology Strategy

Damion brings over 20 years of experience as an information technology professional. He is originally from Simi Valley, CA and moved to the Sacramento region with his family after graduating high school where he attended college at both Sierra College and California State University of Sacramento. He started out working towards a degree in Electrical Engineering and quickly discovered his passion for software development. As a result, his focus shifted with a heavy concentration on software development in scalable enterprise web-based systems. Upon graduation, he accepted a position from AESA as an Educational Instructor where he developed new training programs that expanded the company offerings launching them into the technology sector.

Damion now serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Direct Technology and continues to support the development of many mission critical systems implementations in the government and private sector. He is responsible in the formation of the company’s current organizational and product development structure, establishing standardized processes to rapidly develop scalable, secure systems employing industry standards and best practices. Damion continues to cultivate the delivery team to foster their talents to help bring their vision to life.

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