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We’re pretty pumped about being nominated for
WayUp Top 100 Internship Programs list! 

Our program matches talented students to exciting roles across our portfolio, 
where they do meaningful work, learn business skills, have fun, and make lifelong connections. 

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what to expect

Exposure to business

  • Explore multiple businesses within TAG’s portfolio as well as the many functions that make up a business
  • Shadow professionals in positions of interest or curiosity across many companies

hands-on, real work

  • Engage in projects that have real impact on the company
  • problem solving in collaborative teams provide interns an inside look into the functions of each position within a business

Building your network

  • Build relationships with professionals at all levels of TAG and its companies

  • Learn from executives and employees within the portfolio and partner companies

Personal Project

  • Each intern is given a manager to report to
  • Managers give the interns projects that are tailored to their interests
  • Projects are meaningful and create standing impact on the company


  • Work one-on-one with manager throughout internship
  • Have lunch with Launch executives
  • Shadow leaders in professions of interest

Intern Legacy

  • Collaborate with other interns on a project to leave your legacy at the company
  • Past interns have planned and executed company-wide events, organized a fundraiser bike ride, and created this webpage

we build opportunities

“We give people a lot of opportunities to get into roles that they might not otherwise be
able to get into, and to get leadership roles faster than anywhere else.”

-John Sercu, Chairman and Co-Founder, TA Group Holdings

Where are they Now?

Past interns are furthering their careers with each step they take.
See below for their experience and gain insight into what their up to now.

Chase bultez (2015)

I had the ability to work directly with company leaders, creating reports and financial models that would have a lasting impact not only for them, but the company as a whole.”

Kai squires (2018)

The interns helped each other through challenges they faced and worked together to reach our team goals, leading to relationships that lasted longer than the internship.”

Jordan woods (2019)

“My favorite part of the program was meeting all the leaders of the companies. It added value, meaning and purpose to the position when you meet these leaders and hear the story of where it all started.”

Ellen erving (2019)

“Had it not been for the breadth of exposure to how the business worked at Launch, I don’t think I would have discovered my love for project management.”

Kyle narbaitz (2019)

“My favorite part of the internship was how eager every person was to help me learn. At my previous internship, I felt distant from the rest of the company and found myself sitting around with nothing to do. While at Launch, I felt the exact opposite; I was engaged and knew that what I was working on actually mattered to the company.”

andaya sugayan (2015)

“Had it not been for the breadth of exposure to how the business worked at Launch, I don’t think I would have discovered my love for project management.”


Every intern is assigned to a manager who gives them projects to work on and the intern will then report to them on their progress. 

25 hours. The majority of our interns work 3 full days a week but each internship can be tailored to fit the interns needs. 

The deadline is May 1st but the majority of applicants submit before winter break so they can interview while they are home from school. However, interviews can take place at the convenience of the applicant. 

TAG is the holding company for Launch

What separates this internship from others is the opportunities that our interns have to interact with all aspects of our company. 

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