On National Techies Day, TA Group Holdings Donates Laptops to Non-Profit, Timmy Global Health

On National Techies Day, TA Group Holdings Donates Laptops to Non-Profit, Timmy Global Health

Bellevue, WA, October 3, 2018 – TA Group Holdings (TAG) continues its tradition of donating laptop computers to non-profit organization Timmy Global Health.  

A private equity and investment firm, TA Group has a portfolio including technology consulting companies who specialize in digital transformation and modernization, and technical recruiting companies that hire the best and brightest engineers and technical professionals at the forefront of their industries.

TAG IT continually updates devices, leaving machines that no longer meet the portfolio’s needs. This equipment is used by Timmy to replace old equipment in the field. As soon as TAG’s donation reaches Timmy, the laptops are sent to 9 medical clinic locations in 3 countries, significantly improving Timmy’s efficiency and record keeping reliability. This enables Timmy to help more people, and to help those people for life.

Timmy Global Health provides access to healthcare internationally and, in turn, inspires volunteers to prioritize global health. In the last five years, Timmy has transitioned from paper medical records to automated records, leaving the organization with a heightened need, but limited technology. TA Group has been a donation partner since 2013.

About Timmy Global Health

Timmy Global Health was founded in 1997 by Dr. Charles (Chuck) Dietzen, a pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. After working in a number of international settings, including with Mother Teresa, Dr. Chuck was inspired to serve more communities by engaging the next generation of healthcare leaders. Timmy expands access to healthcare and empowers students and volunteers to tackle today’s most pressing global health challenges. To achieve this goal, Timmy sends medical service teams to support the work of international partner organizations and channels financial, medical, and human resources to community based health and development projects. Through their work, Timmy strives to empower volunteers to lead the fight for global health equity and help deliver the promise of a healthy future – one patient at a time. For more information, visit www.timmyglobalhealth.org or email info@timmyglobalhealth.org.