The ADAPT + OVERCOME podcast combines military veteran experiences, business acumen, and the human spirit for a potent solutions to real-world challenges.


Darlene Wilson

S1 E1


“[Going to NYC as a nurse] was a no-brainer. The mission of West Point is to produce leaders of character for the nation – not just for the Army, but for life. There was no way I could stay home.”

Jan Rutherford

S1 E2


“Grit is sustained persistence. Resilience in the ability to bounce back. Right now, we need GRIT —  but you have to think about how the world will be different when this is over, and how you will change. 

Christopher Schmitt

S1 E3


“They’re selected to go to THE problem of our age…and to say I can do this – to take a breath and get out of the I don’t know what to do and recognize I’ve been here before — and embrace the suck.”

why we staRted the adapt+overcome podcast podcast

In the face of a global pandemic, we entered a new battle, and healthcare workers became the new frontline heroes. To help them adapt and overcome this challenge, we assembled our own rapid response force of veterans who have been in the fray, and who had practical advice to share with those at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus. The advice applies to anyone confronting a major challenge.

This series is dedicated to our brave nurses and healthcare workers and is produced in partnership with NuWest Healthcare which has staffed thousands of travel nurses for the coronavirus response and vaccination efforts across the nation.

Adapt+Overcome is brought to you by TA Group’s Human Impact Studio.

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More than a mantra

An enduring military mantra, “Adapt and Overcome” is a rallying cry for unforeseen challenges and life’s curve balls, and a reminder that dire circumstances will not defeat us. When the mission matters, we rise to the occasion.

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