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Summer Slump?

Do you ever feel like you’re in a funk? You know you want to fix it, but either can’t…or won’t?

It’s normal to have highs and lows, and we’ve read and seen way too much lately about the lows. 

My experience with emotions is that feelings tend to build on themselves. When things are going well, positive feedback, accomplishments and small victories, create a momentum that makes me feel unstoppable. 

Equally, lack of clarity, disappointment, melancholy can feed on itself and send me into the funk. I can spiral downward pretty fast. I caught myself in one of those downward spirals recently, and even though I felt I knew what to do to get out of that malaise, I wasn’t executing on it.

Recognizing the Negative Spin

If you’ll allow me a little self-evaluation, I’ll share what I believe put me into an emotional net negative trajectory:

  1. I haven’t been plugged into my community, coworkers, and friends with the same regularity I am used to
  2.  the books I was listening to, the “mostly news“ TV I was watching, and the topics I chose to discuss with my friends and colleagues all had a negative undertone ……..high interest rates, recession, homelessness
  3. I’ve been out of my normal routine for too long. Normally, I’m pretty disciplined about getting up early, going to the gym, getting into email, making my phone calls. Lately I’ve been scattered on all of that.

Reversing the Negative Spiral

So the answer seems simple enough: get back into my normal routine, change the information inputs, and have discussions that motivate and reverse that negative spin. 

Always easier said than done. Like losing weight, working out, stretching, and doing yoga. It all sounds great until it’s time to make the move. And if my coaching from others over the years holds true, It’s actually harder to motivate myself, than to encourage others on their health journey.

 So I called my old life coach. His guidance was:

  1. Start one step at a time. Select a measurable goal and hit it. Something as simple as wake up every morning by 6:30 and make your bed (advice from one of the greatest commencement speeches ever, by former Admiral William McCraven to the University of Texas graduating class of 2014). 
  2. Call two individuals who know you, know how to inspire you and lift you up without instruction. Let them know you could use their support and positive energy.
  3. Celebrate small victories

Rejuvenating the Spirit

I like to believe that I’m pretty coachable. I’m following the guidance, enjoying the change of attitude, and seeing the positive outcomes as I quickly move out of that funk. Crazy how good it feels to be working from a positive place. 

Let’s all get there!


>>I’d love to hear your thoughts on reversing the negative spiral. What works for you?

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