By Rick Nelson, Chairman of Launch Consulting

It’s March 16th.

The United States is shutting down its own economy in an attempt to slow the unknown but potentially catastrophic effects of a virus.

Uncertainty is all around you.

But you’re lucky: you have a good job. It’s secure. Would you leave that job, at that moment, for a job with another group you’ve never worked with because you believed you could have greater impact?


Michelle Single did!


Michelle left her successful role as a Partner in IT consulting to join NuWest Group as a Practice Director for Workforce Solutions, and her immediate focus was Crisis Nursing. Michelle’s first mission was to onboard 350 healthcare workers in five days, at seven hospitals through Miami – during a hurricane!


She believed her skill set would translate to the work that needed to be done to solve big challenges:  rapid mass deployments, logistics, onboarding, scheduling and solving problems in chaotic environments. She was right.


She had an immediate positive impact on the team, the Health Care System leadership, and the nurses working in the field. In addition to her much-needed skills, Michelle was willing to solve problems and calm nerves onsite with nurses, respiratory therapists and nursing assistants, some of whom were on their first travel assignment.


A single mom, Michelle found the means and the courage to fly to Covid-19 hot spots as far away as Guam to establish Operations Centers and provide real time support. Her presence on the ground was indispensable for smoothing out logistics and challenges of being on an island halfway around the world, and 17 hours ahead.


The work Michelle has done demonstrates the power one person can have on a team and a mission. Leadership doesn’t always come with the highest title, but you know it when you see it.

The takeaway? Don’t wait to be asked! Opportunities are all around you. Today more than ever we need strong leadership at home, at work and in our communities. It might feel a little scary – and it should. But, we need you.


Please share your stories of  ”Leadership Emerging.” It may provide the courage our next great leader needs.

Rick Nelson | rnelson@tagroupholding.com

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