ADAPT + OVERCOME Podcast Season 1 Episode 4 

From national security to emergency Ebola response, Fombah Sirleaf shares his First Fundamental  for moving through uncertainty. A former Health Physics technician at U Penn, as well as an international military veteran, Fombah is a West Point graduate and served as an Operations and Training officer for the Armed Forces of Liberia, Security Analyst for the transitional government, and Principle Advisor to the President of the Republic of Liberia for all intelligence matters. Now based in Philadelphia, Fombah is a global security leader.

An enduring military mantra is “Adapt and Overcome.” This is a rallying cry for unforeseen challenges and life’s curve balls, and a reminder that circumstances will not defeat us. The ADAPT+OVERCOME podcast combines military veteran experiences, business acumen, and the human spirit for potent solutions to real-world challenges. The series is produced by The Human Impact Studio of TA Group Holdings, a veteran-owned firm.

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