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By TA Group Holdings

Excerpt from article by Ed Goldman:

Welcome to Direct Technology, the Roseville [CA]-based company that’s been anointed two years in a row by the Sacramento Business Journal as the region’s top information technology company. The company has its fingers in a number of cyber pies: It does custom software development, consultation, analytics and tech recruiting, among other things, for a variety of industries and the public sector. Its client list includes 75 utility companies in 14 states, and its Emergency Call Tracking System (ECaTS) — for streaming 911 call data — recently won a major tech industry award. 

Direct Technology has about 600 employees. In addition to its Roseville headquarters, it has offices in Bellevue, Washington, and is looking to become a presence in the Bay Area.

The firm describes its approach to business like so in the Jan. 8 issue of the online publication techwire.net: “High-tech, high-touch, blue-jeans IT.”

…..When I meet Rick Nelson, the firm’s burly, friendly chief executive officer and one of the firm’s three partners, the origin of the place’s ambiance comes into focus. …..his high-energy, low-formality persona is a definite tone setter for Direct Technology. “You know, your paper also gave us the award for ‘coolest office’ in 2016,” he says with a wide smile as he gives me the kind of handshake that makes me feel we were friends in a previous lifetime, one of us moved away and now we’re reuniting.


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TA Group leaders are sharing their experiences each week for 12 weeks in the Growth Never Stops series. This article is a guest post excerpted from the Sacramento Business Journal online edition.

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